The Kenku of Iliogn

Old hatreds die hard. Kenku used to roost in Suten mountains, but have slowly been exterminated by the more numerous Krocaraa tribes. Eventually, the greatly diminished kenku moved south, out of their mountain roosts, becoming refugees in the Earldom of Iliogn and neighbouring areas.

Although originally treated poorly, the kenku of Iliogn are grudgingly respected members of society. Their base of operation in Valas, an old, swaying, multi-story tenement in the East Ward, is home to a slowly increasing number of the eminent Swiftplume flock.

Although the kenku originally received the lowliest work in the city, and many still fill positions of basic labour, the kenku have found a number of niches suitable for their specific skills. The Valas kenku run a very successful roofing industry, taking advantage of the kenku’s natural dexterity and love of heights. Likewise, the kenku control a very fast and reliable messenger service, taking advantage of the kenku’s unique knowledge of Valas’ rooftops, as well as messenger pigeons and crows. A few kenku have opened small jewellers or moneylenders, gold and silversmith outfits, taking advantage of their natural appreciation of shiny materials.

Notable kenku:

“Rooster”- well-repsected kenku roofer

Sousser- kenku matron, childcarer and priestess of Quorlin and the kenku gods

Wren- current manager of the Valas Runners Messenger Service

Chirik- member of the Valas Runners, and one of the few spellcasters among the swiftplumes, is especially interested in spells of flight and air

Kesher- moneylender

Rarek- jeweller

*Auntie Brue- white feathered, somewhat mad kenku matron, and some say, witch

The Kenku of Iliogn

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