Lord Steward Raun Tharvijk

Steward of Highwinter Keep


Raun Tharvijk, Lord Steward of Valas- A tall man, with weather-beaten and pale-ish skin, and fading blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. The top of his left ear appears to have been torn off and reattached long ago, and there is some pitting and scarring on that side of his face and neck. He wears well made working clothes, with solid, but well worn boots, and frequently carries a short sword at his right side. He has a relaxed manner, exhibiting a kind of tired authority. Before Raun was gifted the title of Lord Steward, he served as groundkeeper and huntsman of Earl Highwinter, and currently owns and runs Tharvijk’s Fletchings. His wife Della acts as groundskeeper and head gardener of Highwinter estate.


Lord Steward Raun Tharvijk

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