Daek Kora


Daek Kora stands sneering several inches above most other men. He wears only leather breeches, boots and a jerkin. Tattoos of various styles cover his arms and chest, and puckered scars crisscross his body. His hair is red and straggly, kept back by a black bandana, and his lower canines jut angrily from his mouth.


Daek Kora was first encountered by the Striders of the Reach as captain of the Nightshark. In response to Kora’s attack on land-born caravans, the Striders track down Kora’s smugglers ken, and the Nightshark, approaching the ship and catching its crew by surprise at night. Kora and his crew were brought low by the Striders, and the traitorous Deklin. Kora and a small number of his crew were captured and taken to trail in Valas, where they were sentenced to hang. On the day of the pirates’ execution though, the Bloodsquid sailed into Valas’ harbour, and Kora was rescued by its crew, despite fighting a protracted battle with the Striders and Valas’ defenders.

Daek Kora

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