Striders of the Reach

The Fires of Faith

Upon arriving back in Valas, the Striders began investigating the rash of fires that had swept through Valas. On investigating the burnt out remnants of one of the houses, Rivvix determined a faint aura of magic about the place, and no traces of alchemists fire. The house had been robbed, the locks and doors broken in by force, not picked.

The Striders were provided with an appointment with Steward Tharvijk, who certified the band’s legal ownership of the Nightshark over to them, and enrolled them as an official adventuring band.

The ship Elamain went up in flames and the Striders hastened to the site. Harbourmen pushed the ship out away from the dock to prevent the spread of fire. A large number of rats fled the burning ship, and the surrounding crowd largely agreed it to be the work of the Water Rats, Valas most prominent group of criminals. The Striders attempted to investigate, but were repulsed by the flames. The Striders heard word from Highwinter Keep that Daek Kora and his crew were to be hanged for piracy, among other charges, within the week. Deklin was not charged, being given an unofficial pardon on the word of the Striders.



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