Striders of the Reach

Salvage Operation: Voyage of the Nightshark

The crew of the Nightshark bid farewell to their crewmate Junn Collun, victim of a devilfish attack, through a simple sea burial, and set off from Fall’s Cove to the port of Lischer in the Seigun kingdom of Lander.

Ship’s Cook Barak Coalbellow reported to Master-at-arms Vaer a general untidinesss in the stores below deck, suggesting the presence of rats, or a possible stowaway. After a brief look that showed up no culprit, Vaer tied up the Ship’s Dog, Jack, in the hold, to keep an eye out for the culprit.

The next day, the watch spotted an object adrift off the coast. Sending Deklin out in the launch, it was discovered to be a Velessan man, dead in some violent action. clinging to a chest, and clutching a sodden packet of harrow cards. Captain Trao removed the chest to his quarters, where it was discovered to contain a pair of scrolls of dispel magic. A funeral was conducted for the Velessan man.

That night, the Nightshark extinguished its lanterns to take it past Taggerus harbour without being spotted. While their caution paid off, and no other ships were spotted, a great shadow in the water, eclipsing the size of the Nightshark itself was spotted, and a great black fin the height of a man scraped along the side of the ship. Ship’s Chaplain Cael declared this ‘night shark’ a good omen, though the crew were not so sure.

The next morning found the stores again in a mess, and Jack bleeding from injuries to his leg and nose. After seeing Jack cared for, Vaer lay in wait that night in a barrel to catch the culprit, which turned out to be a stowaway Pie Crab, about the size of Jack himself. Downing it with a few blows of the sap, Vaer arranged for it to be cooked the next evening, as the Nightshark finished the last legs of its journey to Lischer.



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