Striders of the Reach

This journal documents the adventures of the Striders of the Reach adventuring company, based in the city of Valas, in the Grand Duchy of Daen.

The Striders of the Reach are:

Rivvix, sorceror and master of the Nightshark

Vaer “Duck” Swiftplume, water-loving kenku rogue

Cantor Cael Velesson, travelling jack-of-all-trades and priest of Sanestophe

Veraldur, (deceased), half-drow woodsman

Deklin, former pirate and all-round thug

Salvage Operation

The Nightshark finally being in the best shape it had been in for years, and the Striders having been taking some time off from the day-to-day insanity of adventuring life, the Striders receive a message bearing a new business oppurtunity. A direlict, the Queen of the Waves, has been spotted off the coast of Angevria, and Jagol Farron of the Golden Wheel Trading Consortium, seeks to engage in a joint expedition between the Striders and his company to capture the wreck and its cargo.

Striders of the Reach